Dr. Natalia Bilan, M.D.

You can say that Dr. Natalia Bilan has a passion for medicine. She grew up in a family of physicians, and remembers how her father, a general surgeon, and mother, a gynecologist, were so tremendously dedicated to their patients. This inspired her to become dedicated to practicing medicine. During her training, she learned that emotional care and support are just as important as medication therapy.

Dr. Bilan joined Excel Physicians in 2004, and is a valuable member of the Excel team. Previously, she worked in an Urgent Care setting, where she was well trained to take care of a variety of medical conditions, especially women’s health issues. She furthered her training in Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology, because she believes that patients who look better, often feel better.

Dr. Bilan is Board Certified in Family Medicine and is committed to providing to her patients ‘excellence’ in medical care. Her statement is: “Take care of the patient as you would care for family and friends.” She seeks long term committment with her patients, and hopes to care for their families for generations to come.

Dr. Bilan’s interests include travel around the world, music and theater. She has been married for 17 years. Her husband is a chemist, and she has one teenage son. She is fluent in Russian.